Faye B – Behind The Scenes

We had a really fun day shooting the debut video for up coming Swiss Singer Faye B the other weekend.

We got on board PHD – LDN and some of the guys from Yellow Frame Media.

Here are a few behind the scene images from the day. We were lucky enough to shoot in this plus North london roof top flat. BALLLLEEERR!! Lovely flat, i may try and negotiate a monthly weekend hire from some serious BBQ parties!!???


Stay tuned for the video coming soon.




Faye & Pyrelli


Another Day In The Office



Do you remember when the days were long, there was a bit of sun about! Summer seems like a memory right now, but I can feel spring in the air coming…..
Here a nice summer tune to take you back to partying outside!

Trolley Snatcha

We were given the task to bring Trolley Snatcher’s latest release “Make My Whole World” to life, on Dub Police Recordings. We had to be very resourceful. We wanted to build on the dark cinematic sound, we went back and forth with ideas until we found something achievable. We used a Canon 7D with various lenses and a car mount.
Stayed tuned for more cutting edge music from Dub Police and Trolley Snacha

Tzar -RUTH

TZAR finally drops his interpretation of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, we shot this over a year ago, Tzar was waiting for the right time to drop it, and so choose Valentine’s Day!

We completely went for it with this video, we jumped on a plane to the French alps because we knew we wanted snow and mountains. We had a bit of trouble finds the snowy mountains but thats another story. We ended up in Charmonix, We Pretty much ventured up into the mountains and hoped for the best. It was grey cloudy and raining. It wasn’t looking good. I had faith in Mother nature and asked for something special. She delivered. For a few brief moments we were able to capture different stunning sceneries. My personal favourite shot is the shot of Tia (Ward) silhouetted against the clouds forming over the mountain. Beautiful. Massive shout out to Tia, she was a soldier up the mountain in that outfit!!!

New Video: Break Free ft Moonrunners, Ayo & J2K

Here is the new video from the Moonrunners! It features the Moonrunners on the track, co produced By Morally mingle (Moonrunner).


This track always had a very conscious feel to it. J2K gave an inspiring verse. We ended up using some footage of the london riots in the video that we happened to film during the riots in 2011. We thought the images represented a feeling of desperation in societies. It in no ways endorses the violence that occurred. I hope it sparks discussion about why what happened happened, and also to think about how is our society built, and what is wrong with it.

The most important message to be taken is from the definition at the end of Freedom, we need to all familiarise our selves with this term seriously.

Freedom: the power right to act,speak , or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

For me in todays society, we applaud at the fact we live in a free world. But i i have a feeling which is shared by many that the truth of freedom is something that is seen as a treat to those who are the powers that be……



SOFI – Bring Out The Devil – music video coming soon…

Up coming release of next instalment of the SOFI – Dead Love music video trilogy to go with her debut EP.
The next track called: Bring out the Devil ft Skrillex on production will be released soon, stay tuned for the videooooo…
SOFI put together this little fun behind the scenes video from the shoot, check it out here:

Also you can check out her EP HERE:

Spread the word!


Music video shoot x Egypt x Hergarda x Cherise & Nadia x Super Yatch = Exponential Fun

Egypt was a lot of fun.

We were very fortunate that the owner of the boat we were staying and filming on was very accommodating. We got the boats 5* (£20,000 a week service), which meant a chef and waiting on crew to serve us. We had unlimited drink and some taste bud changing 3 course meals! Woooooiii

Anyway what was I on about? Oh yeah so the music video….. We wanted to utilise the beautiful scenery around us to its full potential, which for me was shooting at the golden hour, sunset. Which at this time of the year in is very early and very short. This proved a challenge. Especially when taking in to consideration hair, make up and styling for 2 girls! I always over look how long it takes girls to get ready!

Moral of the story; it’s easier quicker and more spontaneous to shoot guys! Although the challenges that face females can prove a logistical nightmare the results can be very rewarding. As you will hopefully see…

This was our second visit to Egypt this year, and we have still yet to go to see the pyramids! Which I really want  do! Land of the Pharos, the great Pyramids, the cradle of civilisation? There is somthing magical and mystical about ancient civilisations. I cant deny the importance and relevance such monumental ancient structures have. I feel they have an unbeknown  profound relevance to our civilisation today, which is greatly overlooked.

It was one of our toughest shoots logistically, but one of the most fun relaxed and inspiring! A big thanks to everyone involved who made it happen!

Maximus Brill – DP
Dapo – producer /AD (Luti media)
Glam squad
Cherise n Nadia
John ( Top Boy boat owner)
My Seven Spices crew inc, Mama & Chef Shamps
Egypt lighting crew headed by The Butcher
The Boys